Novametrics, LLC

Next generation big data analytics customized to your decision-making needs

Novametrics, LLC

Pioneering creative methodologies and Weak-Signal Analysis

Novametrics, LLC

Identifying prime opportunities and optimizing return on investments

Our Story

Novametrics originated through a series of advanced research seminars at Princeton University and was founded with an Innovative Research Award from the United States Secretary of Defense. We provide the next generation of big data analytics, and the most advanced data-to-decision (D2D) capabilities. Novametrics Weak-Signal AnalysisTM identifies “signals below the noise” — critical indicators that are not apparent in any single set of observations, but are predictive of outcomes and crucial for successful decision-making.

Our Approach

Weak Signal Analysis

We are in a data-rich environment. While datasets may be of varying quality and completeness, each has the potential of carrying critical information, either by itself or, more commonly, through combination with other datasets. Novametrics Weak-Signal Analysis identifies the key combinations of indicators that are predictive of outcomes.

Novametrics, LLC

Our Services

We have successfully applied our analysis to solve a range of problems for government agencies, international organizations and private companies, ranging from violent extremism and infectious disease to human trafficking and childhood malnutrition.  In the private sector, we identify prime opportunities for goods and services, marketing, merchandizing, and consumer-trend forecasting.